All Ears

Image of All Ears

A small herd of Kudu stand to attention as we pass by in South Luangwa National Park, Zambia.

Of all the African antelopes I think the Kudu are the most beautiful. Those soft doe-eyes and strikingly elegant forms are a wonderful spectacle walking through the African bush. It seemed to me that their ears in this scene were all turned to the movement of the safari vehicle as they tried to work out if friend or foe approached.

Kudu are naturally very shy animals so it is unusual to get a group standing still like this. Being able to get close enough to study them in great detail is always thrilling.

I have pushed the boundaries of light, tone and colour of the African bushveld in this piece setting the more saturated colours off against the soft greys of the Kudus natural colouring.

This print measures 42 x 29.7 cm + a 5cm white surround in which each one is hand signed, named and numbered.

This piece is sold as one of a limited edition of 50 prints.

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