Antarctica - A Creative Journey (Book)

Image of Antarctica - A Creative Journey (Book)

Join wildlife artist Shelly Perkins as she embarks on a remarkable
six-week voyage on the Royal Navy’s HMS Protector.

Share with Shelly her experiences of the incredible landscapes and wildlife of the Western Peninsula of Antarctica through her unique position as Artist-in-Residence on board a military ice-breaking vessel.

Following in the footsteps of the pioneering artist-explorers of old, Shelly aims to emulate the breathtaking beauty and fragility of this remote part of our world through her work.

In this book, Shelly shares with readers her own personal account of her travels through her text, photography, sketches and studio work from her time on the planet’s most southerly continent.

This book is hardbound and comprises of 125 pages of photographs, text and artwork from Shelly's trip.