Beneath the Aurora

Image of Beneath the Aurora

...For eight nights we stared bleary eyed into the inky darkness of the Finnish sky. Our eyes endlessly deceived us that minute flecks of light were the beginnings of a light show. Finally, on the last evening of our trip the most spectacular aurora began, a small group of us stood on the edge of a frozen lake in the remote North of the country exclaiming in delight at the awe-inspiring, natural wonder that took place above us - we felt like the only people on earth...

'Beneath the Aurora' captures Shelly's personal experience of the Aurora Borealis on a trip to Northern Finland. The piece showcases the incredible colours and patterns created by this bewitching natural phenomenon.

The piece measures 30 x 30 cm which a 5cm white surround in which the print is hand signed, named and numbered.

This print is sold as one of a limited edition of 50 - please read the FAQ page for more info about how Shelly's work is made.