Brays to British Camp

Image of Brays to British Camp

This iconic view of Great Malvern is probably little changed since the infamous 'Brays' department store (captured in the foreground) was first opened over a hundred years ago. The scene stretches down Worcester Road and then reaches up into the hills right the way to British Camp - the Iron-Age hill fort at the end of the Malvern Hills - in the far distance. A Morgan car features in the foreground, the Morgan Factory being just a couple of miles away from the location of this scene. This print provides a classic view of this beautiful, Worcestershire town.

Shelly creates her unique townscapes in an unusual way, walking around the town she is depicting and capturing images of the shopfronts and street locations then combining them together in a unique way to capture the scene from this unusual aerial angle.

This print is sold as one of a limited edition of 50, each one is hand-signed, named and numbered in the white surround. The print measures 42 x 29.7cm.

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