Carmine Colony - South Luangwa - Zambia

Image of Carmine Colony - South Luangwa - Zambia

This bustling scene features one of the beautiful carmine bee-eater colonies for which this beautiful national park is eastern Zambia is renowned. During the autumn months, thousands of these vibrant birds wing their way back to the banks of the Laungwa River to rear their young in sandy tunnels along the rivers edge. This visual spectacle draws visitors to the park every year to marvel at the amassed beauty and acrobatics of these glorious birds.

In this print Shelly aims to capture the vibrance, motion and intensity of one of these colonies at sunset. Bringing forth the warmth and richness of the rivers banks and the colours of the birds as the 'golden hour' takes hold. Photographers often refer to the hours just after dawn and just before dusk as the 'golden hours' as the landscape and wildlife is bathed in this liquid gold light. To stand on the rivers edge whilst these glorious birds wheel and dive overhead is an incredible wildlife encounter.

The print is made from sketch studies, and photographic reference from her own visits to the park.

This print measures 42 x 29.7 cm and is sold as one of a limited edition of 50 prints, the print has a 5cm white surround in which it is hand signed, named and numbered. To find out more about Shelly's prints and working methods please visit the FAQ page on this site.

Shelly has visited this part of Africa several times and the lure of The Luangwa valley keeps drawing her back. Shelly leads sketching trips to Zambia sharing with students the beauty of the African wilderness through their sketchbook studies. To learn more about what trips she is running in the future then do get in touch.