Cat Walk - South Laungwa - Zambia

Image of Cat Walk - South Laungwa - Zambia

This print showcases the beauty of the African Leopard, inspired by Shelly's trips to South Luangwa National Park in Zambia.

This Park purportedly has the highest naturally occurring concentration of Leopards in the world. Through sketch study and photographic recording, this piece captures a female leopard at mid-day, moving between places of rest. Leopards will rarely hunt during the midday heat so they move through the grasslands more openly, whilst all around them other mammals raise alarm calls, alerting the surrounding bush to the feline presence. This piece aims to capture the graceful and languid movement of these big cats and their total self-assurance as a top predator.

In the middle-ground a group of Puku, who are alerted to the movements of the cat, scatter. Puku are highly observant antelope, found in small pockets across a limited part of south-central Africa (IUCN Red List status). They are often the first ones to raise an alarm when predators are in the area.

As the leopard pads through the dry grasses, dotted with seasonal wildflowers, clouds of Guineafowl and Orange Acraea butterflies dance into the air. Carmine Bee-eaters are also disturbed by the Puku in the distance. Whilst on the branches of a dried-out tree a fish eagle surveys the landscape against a cobalt blue African sky.

This piece is a typical scene in the Luangwa Valley, you can see why Shelly is drawn back to this region and the fantastic wildlife it boasts.

This piece measures 52 x 52cm and is one of a limited edition of 50 prints. Each print is hand signed, numbered and named in the white surround.

This piece will be posted out rolled in a tube for safety using Royal Mail's 'Special Delivery' service.

Shelly aims to use all recycled packaging where possible.