Painted Dogs - South Luangwa - Zambia

Image of Painted Dogs - South Luangwa - Zambia

This piece was created in response to Shelly's Zambian sketchbook work and a lovely encounter with a small wild dog pack in South Luangwa National Park in Zambia. Shelly has been fortunate enough to visit this incredible park on a couple of occasions and each time has been over whelmed by the beauty and abundance of nature in this amazing river valley.

Every day in the park brings with it a new sighting or encounter, from the abundance of birdlife to the wide range of predators that this region boasts. Leopards in particular are commonly sighted here.

Thanks to the efforts of local conservation organisations, like the Zambian Carnivore project and other anti-poaching units, the much persecuted Wild Dog can still be seen here in fleeting and rare glimpses.
On this particular evening a small pack of the Dogs were found waking from their daytime rest to begin their pre-hunt rituals, reaffirming their pack bonds before heading off into the sunset for a night of hunting. A rare and delightful glimpse into pack life.

This print is 30 x 30 cm and is sold as a limited edition of 50. Each print is hand signed, named and numbered in the 5cm white border.

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