'Gentoo Penguin - Port Lockroy' Silver Necklace

Image of 'Gentoo Penguin - Port Lockroy' Silver Necklace

This beautiful piece of jewellery is inspired by Shelly's 'Gentoo Colony - Port Lockroy' print, inspired by her time spent in Antarctica in 2017. It is limited to an edition run of just 50 pieces.

Shelly produces this jewellery collection with Bethan Williams collectively they call themselves 'P&W Designs'.

The piece features an intricately carved silver penguin with details both front and back. The back of the penguin features another delightful mini penguin ambling down rocks, the tips of his flippers make the fastenings for the chain on each side. It is also hand numbered with its edition number out of 50. The secure toggle fastener is also solid silver and features 2 intricate charms. the first charm features an outline of the Antarctic continent and the other charm is a delicate silver snowflake. The penguin and charms are also hallmarked on the reverse with Bethan's personal hallmark and the Antarctic charm has the initials SP set into the back (Shelly Perkins).

The penguin sits on a beaded chain, each of the beads have been chosen to represent the colours and textures from the original print. The beads are all semi precious stones, featuring a combination of Lava stone, Red jasper and Dalmatian jasper. There is also one solid silver, geranium penguin egg nestled in amongst the stones.

The necklace measures 21 inches long. The silver Penguin itself measures 4cm high and 3.3cm wide, tail to beak. Each piece is individually hand-finished.

The necklaces come packed in branded P&W boxes. Necklaces will be posted out special delivery.

Bethan has been working as a model maker for over 30 years from her studio in the Jewellery Quarter in Birmingham. Bethan carves her intricate models into wax before having them cast in precious metals using the lost wax process. Working together, Shelly and Bethan take Shelly's detailed line drawings of wildlife and scale them down to the finished pendant size. Bethan then faithfully copies the details of the pencil lines into the low relief wax master pattern using her experience and skill to make the drawing come alive as a, partially three-dimensional, miniature sculpture.

This is a gorgeous conversation piece and one of a very limited edition.

*Please note* All beads are made of natural materials and due to that may differ slightly in colour, texture and clarity - this makes each necklace unique.