Geranium pendant on beaded 18" chain

Image of Geranium pendant on beaded 18" chain
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This lovely necklace features 4 of our silver geranium flower beads and one of the geranium charms set in amongst 4mm beads. The beads are made of semi precious stones and are a mix of moss agate, sodalite and mookite. Finished with a silver clasp.

Shelly produces this jewellery line with Bethan Williams collectively they call themselves 'P&W Designs'.

Bethan has been working as a model maker for over 30 years from her studio in the Jewellery Quarter in Birmingham. Bethan carves her intricate models into wax before having them cast using the lost wax process. Working together, Shelly and Bethan take Shelly's detailed line drawings of wildlife and scale them down to the finished pendant size. Bethan then faithfully copies the details of the pencil lines into the low relief wax master pattern using her experience and skill to make the drawing come alive as a, partially three-dimensional, miniature sculpture.