Nature Studio Subscription

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I am thrilled to announce that I am now a guest tutor for Nature Studio, the wonderful online art school set up by my friend Anna Mason.

Check out the link here:


The school hosts a range of my painting films all recorded en plein air. Over the coming months more of my tutorials will be going live from amazing destinations in nature! They will sit beside HUNDREDS of incredible tutorials by Anna herself who is the most talented artist. Her school aims to help if you:

-Find it really hard to prioritise painting, putting everything - and everyone - else first and ignoring the creative calling from within
-Feel intimidated at the thought of the blank sheet of paper and trying to get started with a painting, or do start but then...
-Get frustrated by the results you do get as they fall short of what you were aiming for
-Regret the “lost time” spent not painting and wonder how good you might have been if only you’d started sooner.

Copy and past the link into your search engines and discover what amazing classes the school has to offer! A 6 month subscription starts at just £99. There are even some you can do for free!