Poise, Power, Purpose

Image of Poise, Power, Purpose

This piece represents an incredible cheetah sighting that Shelly had in Kruger National Park. A female cheetah positioned herself on a vantage point before calling to her two young cubs hidden in the grasses nearby. Cheetahs are specially adapted hunters, preferring the open grassy plains to hunt prey down using their incredible turn of speed.

*100% of the sale of the first edition of this print will be donated to Wildlife Act - to support conservation efforts South Africa*

This piece is sold as one of a limited edition of 50 prints, each one hand signed, named and numbered in the 5cm white surround. The printed area measures 70 x 30 cm.

This print will be posted rolled in a tube. Shelly aims to use all recycled/recyclable packaging where possible,

For more information about Shelly's work and how she makes her prints visit the FAQ page.