Speed Queen

Image of Speed Queen

This piece features a stunning female Peregrine Falcon resting on a 30mph speed limit sign in an urban environment.

Peregrines are the worlds fastest animal so the title seemed appropriate, although the peregrine can reach speeds of up to 186mph when diving.

This piece showcases the bird in a sunset pink sky, with hints of urban graffiti, electric pylons and suggestions of murmurating starlings behind.

This is one of an edition of just 50 prints.

This piece has a printed area of 16 cm x 11cm with a generous white surround hand-signed, numbered and named. The overall size of the print from paper edge to paper edge is approx' 25 cm x 25 cm. As with all of the pieces in the 'Mini Print' range this piece is designed to be a compact mini piece of art to fit into a small space or to make a perfect gift.

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