Under The Sausage Tree - South Luangwa, Zambia

Image of Under The Sausage Tree - South Luangwa, Zambia

This luxuriously layered print features a typical scene in the Laungwa Valley, in Zambia. Life taking place beneath one of the incredible Sausage Trees. This life giving tree provides food, shade and medicinal benefits to humans and animals alike. During the dry season, hippos will feed on the giant seed pods (which look like great hanging sausages) and smaller mammals feed on the beautiful, exotic flowers which fall to the floor.

The wide canopy of the these trees is a great place for leopard to sleep out the heat of the day, dozing silently high in the boughs.

This vibrant piece flows from the shade under the tree, where a leopard has been awoken from its slumbers, and out into the dusty grassland of an African day as the impala and Lillians Love Birds burst into the light. A white throated bee eater perches on a branch in the middle of the scene.

This piece is full of the life an vibrancy which Shelly so enjoys on her visits to this incredible part of our planet.

This print measured 81 x 35 cm and has a white border around it in which the piece is hand signed, named and numbered. As with all of Shelly's prints this is sold as one of a limited edition of 50. For more information about how Shelly's work is made please visit the FAQ page.

Shelly leads painting safaris to Zambia, get in touch for details about how to join in!

This print will be sent rolled in a tube, due to its size.