Vulpes Homage

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This illustration tells the story of a vixen out on her nightly adventures before going to sleep in a meadow as the sun rises, it was created to accompany the follow poem also written by Shelly:

" Vulpes Homage

A smiling moon sighs good night stranger,
The lunar lullaby calls to vespertine vixens,

Painful laments make for speculative love songs,
As glowing amber eyes prick the pitch of night,

A gathering skulk casts streaming shadows,
Fleet feet devour dew drenched meadows,

Constellations guide a moonlight steeplechase,
Tail tip poised to race, body of sinew and stealth,

Cunning mask bears quivering whiskers,
Long neck wears white blazer faded to rust,

Padded paws tread sweet smelling trails,
Wet nose reads the remains of the day,

Pointed ears twist to catch morsels of sound,
As sunlight's smooth strokes cease slumber,

Dawn lures sleep to licked lips, gleaming teeth,
Bristled brush folds to embrace, rust pelt, pale face

Stretched silhouettes shade those gone to ground,
The fading moon whispers good day my friend. "

The print measures 23.6 x 98 cm with a 5cm white surround.

This illustration is available as one of a limited edition of 50 prints, all hand signed and numbered

Please note this print will be sent rolled in a tube due to its size.